The Australian Climate Roundtable, an unprecedented alliance of major Australian business, union, research, environment, investor and social groups, has come together to put the climate policy debate on common ground and offer a way forward.

Our broad coalition has come together because climate change and climate policy both impact our missions and members. We believe Australia should play its fair part in global efforts to avoid 2°C and the serious economic, social and environmental impacts that unconstrained climate change would have on Australia. Avoiding unconstrained climate change will provide important benefits and opportunities to Australia.

We found that groups with very different constituencies and missions have much in common and this is captured in our joint principles for climate policy.

Our principles address the goals of climate policy and the characteristics of policies to meet the goals. They don’t end debate or prescribe a single solution. The principles set out common ground on which more detailed policy can be built. We have discussed them with both major parties and look forward to further constructive dialogue. We encourage the Australian community to consider and support these principles.
The Australian Climate Roundtable will continue to work together to ensure that climate policy meets our nation’s economic, environmental and social needs.

The following organisations have agreed to the joint principles:
Australian Aluminium
Australian Industry Group The Climate Institute
Australian Conservation
Business Council of Australia WWF Australia
Australian Council of Social
Energy Supply Association of
Australian Council of Trade
Investor Group on Climate
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You can download the document Joint Principles for Climate Policy here.

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